Business Services

You can stop worrying and concentrate on running your business

You need to know your business is protected from things you may not be able to control, be it a burglar or nature, we have you covered. Pinnacle Security is a trusted name in giving you back control. We’ve created businesses trust to give owners peace of mind.

Pinnacle Security can prevent intrusions with their detection, controlling who has access and when. Set doors to lock at specific hours, let staff inside your office during closed hours. Protect your staff and customers with state-of-the-art video surveillance featuring zoom-in and 360 access 24/7. Check on staff when you’re not there. We protect businesses like yours.


Camera system

Does your business need an upgrade. If you can’t clearly see what’s happening on your footage, you have an outdated cameras then your cameras aren’t doing their job –From robust mini dome cameras to covert cameras sensitive areas, we have the products you need. That’s why we offer the newest technology in digital cameras and NVR recording, ensuring crystal clear footage day or night.


Card Access

Commercial card access systems are a proven and effective way of managing control of your facility. These systems offer software, electronic door controls, magnetic card readers and access cards provides a scalable easy-to-use access/security solution for organizations of any size.


Motion Detectors

These capture movement and flood light onto whoever is skulking around the shadows of your business. Allowing for full protecting even if you’re not there. 


Keypad/Main panel

This allows you to punch in a 4-digit code to arm/disarm your system. You can also program auto-arm, timing, and other staff codes allow them access.


Smoke/Heat Detectors

Standard smoke alarms are useless when not monitored, whether it’s because you’re on vacation, or not at work on the weekend. Our smoke and heat detectors are monitored 24/7 to make sure if an alarm does go off, there’s someone there to notify you and the fire department.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

CO2 & CO detectors

These detection systems quickly alert you if a dangerous gas is leaking in your office. These monitors are designed to be installed in areas like office buildings or classrooms where the carbon dioxide levels need to be monitored for indoor air quality.

KeypadMain panel4


Auto adjusts your business to your desired temperature with remote capabilities so that when you leave or arrive at work, the temperature is exactly where you want it. Don’t get complaints from staff about temperature changes but still save on that utility bill. It’s a win win 


Water Detectors

These are installed where a leak or spill is possible such as close to washing machines, dishwashers, water tanks, toilets, or sump pumps. You are immediately notified if water is detected, helping you to avoid flooding or any other costly water damage.


Door Contacts

This device instantly alerts your phone when a door is opened. This system is usually placed on perimeter doors, but can also be installed on windows, gun cases, liquor cabinets, medicine cabinets, and more.